Infected with coronavirus a woman in a coma gave birth to a healthy child

Infected with coronavirus, a resident of the American city of Union city, new Jersey, gave birth to a healthy daughter, being in a state of artificial coma. This publication reports The Sun.

20 Mar 40-year-old Joanna Rocio Mendoza Chancy (Johana Rocio Mendoza Chancay) came to sign medical documents, doctors drew attention to the fact that the woman coughs. She conducted a test for the coronavirus, which after two days showed a positive result. Chancei was in the 26th week of pregnancy (average length of pregnancy is 38 weeks).

the disease’s Symptoms worsened, and after a few days she could not breathe on his own. She was taken to the hospital, where doctors said her child is in danger, it was necessary to have an emergency C-section.

Chancy immersed in an artificial coma. March 30, she gave birth to a daughter named Zion (Zion). She only weighed 800 grams, was placed in the intensive care unit for newborns. The child was not infected with a coronavirus.

the child’s Mother brought out of a coma on April 13. “I am very grateful to the doctors that I and my child alive,” she said. Chancy will be able to hold daughter on hands only in July, when the girl was to be born. While a preterm baby nursed in the hospital. So the mother has to watch the girl only through the webcam.

Earlier it was reported that a nurse from the English town of Luton, County of Bedfordshire, had a baby, and then died of a coronavirus infection of the new type. Her newborn daughter is feeling OK.