And rolled, rolled across America riots, and to this day do not cease. In them, the information that can hardly be considered 100 percent reliable, has killed 11 protesters and representatives of the security forces, their deterrent. Riots, arson, looting, demonstrations and disperse them with tear gas and firearms on both sides.

Seems as if only waiting for a pretext to give vent to anger, hate, mutual contempt, accumulated during the years of racial inequality and months coronavirus crisis. White knelt in memory of the murdered, beat their white-faced brothers, interspersed with black. And beating those whites and blacks who oppose violence or protest in the form of violence. But let’s take a closer look to the personality of the deceased. The American press reports that the autopsy of the body revealed:

George Floyd was infected with a coronavirus.

In his body contained a prohibited drug substance.

– recently, Floyd aggravated a serious heart condition that manifested itself at the time of arrest and strangulation.

However, immediately published the authoritative opinion of lawyers: it is so. That does not negate the charges of first-degree murder. But even people kneeling in front of the victim, do not really deny that at the time of arrest George Floyd was whether drunk, whether was under the influence of drugs. Detained him not for it: in the store, he paid a “counterfeit payment instrument”. Floyd dragged into a police car. There he apparently had a police resistance. He pulled out, roughly thrown to the pavement. When the COP was choking him, pressing on the throat with his knee, Floyd, apparently, already lying in handcuffs, did not resist, begged to be let go, saying that he could not breathe. The behavior of the police is shameful.

Maybe, but pity comes, and other feelings, if you look at the list of criminal acts of Mr. Floyd, in which he was accused? Their ten. And the first, relatively minor, dates back to March 1997. Then I went to bigger cases: two of theft, filing false documents… But robbery with use of force and deadly weapons. But most of all, George Floyd was charged with the same article: drug possession with the intent to make the shipment/delivery. If simple possession of drugs with the aim of selling them (not for personal use). In the US this might fall under the heading of a felony of the first degree. If the weight of narcotic substance is 400 grams or more, the defendant faces 5 to 99 years (a wide range) of the prison.

America is divided. Divided into two irreconcilable camps. On that and on the other side there is definitely right and definitely wrong. So b��Vaeth in the war – civil.