a political Analyst in an interview with NSN explained the reaction of Minsk on the obsessive attention of an international organization.

The world health organization (who) has called on the leadership of Belarus to immediately start the implementation of a comprehensive, integrated strategy to combat the epidemic of coronavirus. According to the who, by the end of March, the increase in the number of cases COVID-19 acquired the characteristics of exponential and “indicated at the beginning of contact transmission at the community level”.

The political scientist and expert on Belarus Alexander Zimovsky in an interview with NSN said that they are non-binding.

“, Minsk, like PP ball, already has the full right to shout: “In all, sons of bitches! In turn!” — so many people lined up with tips for Lukashenka what he should do.

Both the who and the UN, and that’s just what the European Union represented by the EC Deputy Director of the Department for European neighborhood policy and enlargement negotiations Katharina Mathernova. What Maternova said that the epidemic in Belarus became exponential. That is all clear for a long time. So it is clear that in the list of the ten neighbouring countries of the EU, which Brussels has allocated for the fight against the pandemic 3 billion euros, Belarus was not. Although Belarusians have asked the Europeans have the money,” – said the source NSN.

The analyst believes that the position of the President remains firm.

“The Belarusian experiment, however, continues, which I, by the way, I fully support the Republic’s leader. Because the position of Lukashenko concrete, it rests on the fact that in Belarus the public demand for effective antiepidemical events of quarantine or lockdown is not alone. Although the official Belarusian statistics recorded that after the work day – 25 April – the number of cases of coronavirus in Belarus has risen sharply from 37%. For three days, literally. Does Belarus demonstrates a classic case fit for the application of the phrase “Coincidence? I don’t think!” But, pardon the truism, all the tips and recommendations rested in the sovereign right of the Belarusian leadership to manage their citizens at their own discretion.

Lukashenko massively brought Belarusians to the streets

Minsk believes that the measures taken by Belarus, sufficient. And a little physical work in the fresh air the people are not hurt. Although all able to think Belarusians, even officials, know what is against science, not trample, and human nature, the survival instinct always wins. The primary knowledge about the protection from the coronavirus Belarusians have more than enough, everything is free to access.

the Feature of Belarus is that the Belarusian people, for the most part pretty well-versed in popular medicine due to the Chernobyl uses this world experience nakoprisoners anticorrosiveness knowledge and skills solely in private. On the principle of “every man for himself”, – concluded Alexander Zimovsky.

Earlier Alyaksandr Zimouski in an interview with NSN explained why the Belarusian President is not ready to give up the work day even during a pandemic coronavirus.