the world health organization said that the number of new cases of coronavirus has increased by almost 260 thousand in 24 hours. This is the largest one-day increase in the number of infected since the beginning of the pandemic, which was officially announced on 11 March this year. The previous record was registered representatives of the world organization just the day before.

According to who, the first time the daily number of new infections over a quarter of a million. The greatest increase in cases of infection by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 recorded in the United States, Brazil, India and South Africa, says National Public Radio.

the death toll from the coronavirus in the world on the 18th of July was 7360 man is the biggest daily increase since may 10. On Saturday the number of deaths in the world during a pandemic topped the grim mark of 600 thousand people. According to the Johns Hopkins University, as of 5 a.m. Moscow time on July 19 in the world recorded 14 223 132 cases of infection and 601 213 deaths. Who reported a 71 484 new cases of infection in the United States, 45 403 in Brazil, 34 884 in India and 13 373 in South Africa, said Reuters. On Friday India became the third country in the world registered more than a million cases of infection with coronavirus, trailing only the United States and Brazil. Epidemiologists say that India has not yet reached its peak of the pandemic.

the Cases continues to be steadily increasing in the United States, especially in the southern States, who initially were reluctant to impose restrictions and has not taken measures for compulsory wearing of masks. Florida is now the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States. On Saturday in “the sunshine state” was more than 10 thousand new infections and 90 deaths, bringing the total number of cases reported rose to more than 337 thousand, and the death toll to five thousand people.

In recent weeks, hospitals across the state warned that their intensive care units are working at full capacity and that they cannot accept new patients. According to the Governor of the state of Ron DeSantis, the average age of infected people in Florida continues to fall. In the Miami-Dade County the average age of patients is 41 years old, orange County – 29, and in Seminole County for 26 years.

In Arizona recorded a daily increase in the number of infections reported over 2,700 infected and 147 patients died from COVID-19. North Carolina was also a one-day record on Saturday: it was announced more than 2,400 new infections. Chief expert on infectious diseases, USA Dr. Anthony Fauci urged the heads of States and representatives of local authorities “aggressively” to ensure that people wore masks, but later the US President, Donald trump declared that he would not wear a mask in public.

Country Western Europe, which managed to largely contain the spread of the virus, are now starting to reopen their borders and business. However, local fixed bursts of a pandemic throughout Spain, while the worst situation is observed in the North-Eastern part of Catalonia.