In the US spoke about the transfer of the Victory Parade in Moscow

According to us Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan, the United States fully supports the decision of the Russian authorities about the postponement of a Victory Parade because of the situation with coronavirus. This is stated in the statement of the Ambassador, published in the Twitter of the diplomatic mission.

“Rambler” wrote that on April 16 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced the postponement of coronavirus celebrations on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, including the Victory parade. The head of state assured that all celebrations of the Victory Day will be held.

“we Support the decision of the Russian Federation to postpone the celebrations for a later date when it will be possible to hold them properly”, – reads the statement of the US Ambassador.

The diplomat stressed that 75 years ago the country came together to “prevent a deadly threat to their existence”, and now “it is gratifying to see the Union to defeat the pandemic COVID-19”

“When conditions permit, the US will be glad to celebrate the anniversary of the end of world war II, to pay tribute to our victims,” said John Sullivan.