Airlines and contractors of the airlines receiving the funds from the Fund for Federal aid to $ 32 billion, has agreed not to lay off employees until October 1, clarifies the Associated Press, although the airlines unions are lobbying in Congress, the idea of extending Federal subsidies for a further six months. According to three lawmakers in the house of representatives, some companies barely received the money, dismissed employees. At least 12 contractors received financial assistance from the state in the amount of more than $ 700 million, and then fired almost 9.3 thousand employees.

Lawmakers who head the Commission, participating in the development and supervision of measures to assist companies affected by the pandemic coronavirus, asked Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin to stop any assistance to the offenders and to return to the us budget, all allocated money to them. The biggest beneficiaries were the company Gate Gourmet, which received 171 million dollars and dismiss 3.5 thousand employees, and Swissport USA, which was allocated to subsidies at $ 170 million, but she fired 2.8 thousand employees.

meanwhile, the company Spirit Airlines has warned that in October, the end of Federal money to pay for labor, it can save you up to 30% of the nine thousand of its employees. CEO Ted Christy in a staff memo explained that people may pridetsja to go into forced vacation due to a sharp reduction in income in a cessation of international air travel during a pandemic.

for its part, the Union Spirit was informed that speech can go about the dismissal 806 pilots. Chairman of the trade Union group, which is part of the Association of pilots of air lines, said that this applies to pilots employed in the service since February of 2018. Pink slips and forced to leave can also be sent to flight attendants and other airline employees.

earlier, about future reductions of state announced the largest us airlines: United Airlines warned 36 thousand, of American Airlines plans to cut 25 thousand employees, and Delta – more than 2.5 thousand pilots. Only one company – Southwest Airlines said it has no plans to reduce staff by 2020.

Reductions occur in the sharp decline of revenues of US airlines. Last week, the company Miramar Florida reported that in the second quarter, it lost $ 144 million, its net profit fell by 86% in comparison with indicators of last year.