In the United States pandemic coronavirus has caused a boom in the purchase and rental of RVS (RV) and motorhomes. In addition, a couple of months ahead were booked places in camping sites and tourist shelters, located in the green areas. As noted by the Guardian, Americans are tired to stay in their urban homes and tend to pull out into nature, the more that stays in the RV allows you to observe the rules of social distancing. By the way, millions of Americans reside in mobile homes.

a Pandemic that continues to rage throughout the United States, made many of the traditional summer trip impossible. United States citizens were deprived of the possibility to go on holiday abroad, to visit the crowded resort hotels and make sea cruises. In this regard, experts say, the obvious lower the risk of transmission of coronavirus in the open air and caused a great demand for caravans and tourist campsites.

booking Service campsites have become one of the most sought after organizations as the opening of the economy in some U.S. States, some of which was on average 400 percent busier than last year. The rapid growth of applications in terms of rental and sales RV is observed in the United States for the sixth consecutive week. By the way, many of the vans are powered by the sun, with Wi-Fi, stylish modern décor. RV sales in the U.S. increased by 650 percent last year, says CNET. “It’s more than a van. It’s a way of life. It’s just not the typical vans with the outdated upholstery of the 80-ies. It is a luxury vans, which will allow you to travel freely, leaving you with memories for life”, – said the representative of a company that sells state of the art home on wheels.

on average, a small van will cost the American $ 650 per week rent and luxurious house on wheels, equipped with leather upholstery, a kitchen, two beds and a bathroom, about two thousand dollars a week, according to WKBW Buffalo, a subsidiary of the ABC.