Democrats in the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress on Friday sent a letter to the White house criticizing the President’s decision of Donald trump to send to Russia 200 artificial lung ventilation (ALV). This was reported by Bloomberg.

"it Seems that you are able to send ventilators to other countries as gifts or services that might serve your political or personal interests, without any significant strategic rationale, a thorough interagency process or rational reason for such action", – said in a letter to Democrats.

They claim that the ventilator is in dire need in the United States in connection with a large number of infected with the novel coronavirus.

The congressmen in his letter also requested the administration to provide them with the trump associated with the ventilator documentation and financial statements, and the summary of negotiations of the us leader and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Thursday, the American military aircraft C-17 delivered to the airport Vnukovo-3 a batch of 50 of the ventilator. All of US intend to transfer to Russia 200 such devices. As pointed out earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, United States send them free of charge, as well as the donated ventilators to the Americans.