In the UK assessed the measures taken to combat coronavirus

The UK government introduced the quarantine no later than was necessary, and strictly in accordance with the recommendation of scientists and doctors, said the replacement of the Prime Minister at the time of illness, foreign Minister of the United Kingdom Dominic Raab.

On Wednesday, British media have accused the government that the Cabinet of Ministers too late introduced quarantine mode, which in Britain repeats the current in Italy is a difficult situation with the disease COVID-19. Also the labour MP Barry Gardiner said that a group of scientists and representatives of the emergency services encouraged to enter quarantine at the end of February.

"the Government has always followed the recommendations of scientists and doctors. And will continue to follow them… I do not accept such accusations," said Raab, answering the questions of the parliamentarians on Wednesday.

Earlier, the government stated that it has introduced restrictive measures gradually, due to the fact that people will not be able to withstand strict quarantine for a long time and will break it.

Speaking of that, when can be eased quarantine measures, Raab recalled that the government tracks statistics on the number of infections and is not currently discussing the possibility of easing restrictions.

"We are just starting to go through the peak (incidence)… the Restrictive measures will be reviewed according to the received information (number of cases) and taking into account the recommendations of scientists. We all need to learn from that experience", – said the Minister.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on March 23 in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus announced the introduction of quarantine in the country: the British may leave their homes only for the purchase of commodities for exercise once a day, for medical needs and for travel to and from work (only if this trip is "absolutely necessary"). The distance between people is required to keep at least two meters, to assemble in groups is also prohibited.

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