– In the set of amendments to the Constitution – in fact, the development plan of our country for the next decade, – said Dmitry Mezentsev in conversation with journalists. – This applies to industry, the power vertical. We are talking about the special consideration for people on social security retirees, that science was one of the development priorities. We first prescribe the role of volunteers, non-profit organizations. Significant additions were made to ensure the territorial integrity of the country, protection of historical truth. Whether the amendments will affect the Belarusian-Russian cooperation?

the stronger Russia, the more successful our Alliance, the higher the potential of the Union state. A meeting of the Union Council of Ministers will be definitely this year. Part of the issues on the agenda were discussed at the meeting of the high level Group. It is important to take into account the query and the one and the other hand on the readiness for the resumption of the integration work. To return to the roadmaps on mainstreaming of the Union Treaty. It’s not important how many cards we agreed on. It is important that we have gained unique experience of interaction between ministries, agencies, experts, which did not exist before, for the benefit of Union construction.

Dmitry Mezentsev has commented also on the June 30 opening of the Rzhev memorial to Soviet soldiers with the participation of Presidents of Russia and Belarus:

– Our leaders reaffirmed the unity of the evaluation of the feat of the Soviet people. What was told Frank the truth about the losses suffered at Rzhev the turn of the Red Army, is also important. We lacquered this victory, and talking about how she got…

all in All, Belarus was about 105 thousand citizens of Russia. Most of them are under 18 years of age. Everything was done so they could vote. Polling worked in Minsk, Brest, Gomel, Mogilev… of the polling place was provided by the Embassy and the Consulate General of Russia, Russian centre of science and culture, Lyceum of Belarusian-Russian University.

Without difficulty performed their civic duty and the Russian builders who erected now the first Belarusian nuclear power plant for them, the point of voting was opened nearby in the city of Ostrowiec. It required only a document confirming Russian citizenship.

the Current campaign for the vote, of course, different from the previous one – it did the complicated epidemiological situation. For this reason, in Belarus there is practically no Russian tourists in local sanatoria and rest houses, transiting their drivers and guests, and tens of thousands of people.

Another important difference – when visiting polling stations were provided necessary��in place the necessary measures of protection against coronavirus. Even had to abandon the so-called mobile voting. Press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Minsk Alexey Moskalev explained that all these steps are in line with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor and the who.

– Our main priority is to ensure the safety of health and safety of citizens. Therefore, before visitors came to the polling station, they were given disposable mask, gloves and a pen. Are fully respected and measures of social distancing, which on the floor caused a special markup. Despite certain limitations, made every effort to fully inform Russian citizens about the day and place of voting. It passed without any incidents.