This topic was discussed at the government hour with the Minister.

the Project in question was submitted to the Duma by the Russian government in 2018, said the source members.

– Coronavirus ends – means people should have a choice where to buy their products, – said Manturov.

Even the grocery trade in the course of the pandemic showed minus 9%, he said. And this is despite the March excitement. Small commercial properties have suffered the most – people moving in large supermarkets, hypermarkets, said Manturov.

Should adopt the document as soon as possible. “We felt that this law will allow agricultural producers to increase supply through this format at least 4.5 thousand tons of its products – said the Minister. – We are the whole chain so you will be able to support.”

It is also about the investment in this segment for the next five years is approximately 220 billion. As explained Vyacheslav Volodin, the consideration of the bill was deferred after consultation with the government and Federation Council.

– the Expected amendments that the government had to make, he said. – If we decide to come back to it, it would be right to establish a working group.

It will be headed by Vice-speaker of the state Duma Alexei Gordeyev, said Volodin. “Then quickly enter into work and will try to consider the bill during the spring session,” – said the speaker.

the Project, among other things, establishes that the rights for placement of the outlets are given no less than five years with their renewal without subsequent trades. And legalized food trucks and mobile shops that will give additional impetus to the industry.