it is Reported that now Russia will be able to fill only half the pipeline.

Germany’s Failure to help implement the project, “testifies to the inertia and sabotage of European bureaucracy, and the lack of even Berlin full autonomy in making strategic decisions,” said Sergei Zheleznyak.

“it is clear that in addition to the pseudo-European unity, Germany has a resignation to Washington, which has repeatedly pressed on Berlin with the requirement to refuse the Russian gas project”, – suggested the MP.

According to him, attempts in any way to interfere with the Russian-European gas project initiated and financed from overseas, where “Nord stream-2” is considered as a threat to U.S. interests in Europe.

“Responsibility for the completion of the project referenced in the EU, lies on the Western partners, – he said – which was not able to agree upon all the issues of the pipeline through different, often invented reasons. Now this argument cite those who prevented the implementation of the project”.

the Politician reminded about the repeated statements of the German “Nord stream-2” – that this country has positioned it solely as an economic project, best for the country. And despite such statements, “the leadership of Germany wants a proxy to get heat and to shift the responsibility for final implementation of the project on the Russian side”, said the motives of the German side member.

“Such a maneuver can not be called a partnership, he concluded. – It is clear that Germany, like other countries-participants of the project don’t want to refuse to supply high quality and not expensive Russian fuel.”

iron ore I am sure that in 2 of the Nord Stream AG (project operator) must exercise your right to appeal the decision in court.