the government of the Russian Federation in the state Duma introduced a bill to expand the rights of police. On Wednesday, may 13, reports TASS.

According to the Agency, the police will be able to open the machine in case of danger to human life and to cordon off premises, buildings and other objects. In the borders of the cordon the police will be able to carry out personal inspection of citizens, their vehicles and belongings.

Police will be able to use this right to prevent terrorist attacks and the security of citizens during the riots and in emergency situations.

the New law gives the police the possibility of a broader use of weapons. In particular, the police can open fire in the Commission of acts that could be construed as a threat of an attack on a police officer, not only when you try delay touching the weapon, as in the current law.

on 23 April it was reported that the bill extends the powers of the police, it is proposed to oblige citizens to introduce themselves when contacting law enforcement officials.