In the state Duma explained how to extend the quarantine overdue Bank card

the Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina reiterated: card expiring during epidemic control restrictions, can be used until July 1, 2020. “MK” asked the head of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly AKSAKOV (“CP”) whether or not the problem will be solved by itself, without the participation of the owners of such cards.

– April 17, the Central Bank recommended that Russian banks will automatically renew until July 1, 2020 the validity of the Bank card, which normally had to be replaced now or in the near future. Mandatory if the recommendation is for all banks, without exception?

– It is not mandatory, but in practice, credit institutions such recommendations are taken very carefully, and usually implement what she asks, the Bank of Russia.

– And if all banks have embraced the document of the Central Bank as a guide to action?

this is information I have. But I’m sure all major banks recommendation met. Anyway I think that 90 percent of banks are sure to follow.

– But in different banks range of services that can be obtained on an expired card are different: where it is possible to obtain the cash, but only in “native” ATM, where the card only works with online payments. Such discordance – is this normal?

– It is normal in the first stage. Then along the way there is a understanding of how and what, and banks are beginning to cooperate on a full range of services. After all, before the machine the card is disconnected if its term of validity has expired, and now need time to adapt the system to new realities, to change it.

– are There additional risks for owners of expired cards associated with such a precarious situation?

– the Situation is really unusual, and there may be unforeseen complications associated, including, and with the activities of intruders. Though I find it hard to imagine how this can happen and the risks are minimal, but necessary in any case to be careful and careful.

Banks are required to warn users of expired cards on transition to a specific mode?

Banks are not required, but can do it. In principle, they are usually always the same warning that you have a expired card and need to renew it. But now they will have to reconfigure the program of the warnings, because the owners of such cards is in the millions.

Then he is a concerned citizen should attend and learn what and how?

Yes, it is desirable that it was a two-way street. Although banks are mostly not working, and citizens need to stay at home, there are also banks, call centers, and m��of DCM users already have personal accounts on the websites of the banks.