As it became known “Kommersant”, the government is discussing the purchase of hospital ships. The question raised the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu: the Ministry has suggested to buy in China two ships ro-ro (for cargoes) and to convert them into a hospital, which in total will cost 8 billion rubles, But the Ministry insists on building ships in Russia. The cost will be higher and the construction period longer, but the court will be new. A report of two positions, according to “Kommersant”, sent to the President. Experts believe the best option is the construction of a private hospital fleet, but I admit that in this case, the project may be delayed.As told “Kommersant” sources familiar with the situation, with the idea to purchase two hospital ship was made by the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu, discussing the situation of the pandemic coronavirus in Russia. The Ministry is considering to buy in China used two vessel ro-ro (used mainly for transport vehicles) and to convert them.According to interlocutors “Kommersant”, the restructuring at the shipyards of China may take about three years, and in General, the purchase and renovation will cost about 8 billion rubles, President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to study the proposal of the Ministry of defense, clarify the sources.In turn, the Ministry has proposed to build these ships in Russia that would enable us to develop the shipyard, said the source “Kommersant”. The project, according to them, would have taken no more than four years, and at desire it is possible to meet in three years. Construction costs will be higher, but the defense Ministry will receive new vessels and not used, highlight the sources of “Kommersant”, citing the position of the Ministry of industry and trade.Another source familiar with the situation, said that between may holidays, the representatives of the United shipbuilding Corporation (USC) submitted to the President of the Russian Federation report on the possibility of building such vessels. Another Kommersant source said that the Corporation study project was carried out by CB “Vympel” and Nevskoe design Bureau, which discussed options for the construction of ships-hospitals with 500 and 1000 people.The interlocutor of “Kommersant” in the government confirmed that the report with two positions went to the Kremlin. In the office of the Vice-Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, the defense Ministry, the Ministry of industry and USC declined to comment. The source of “Kommersant” notes that three years ago the question of building hospital ships has been raised but no decision was taken.Hospital ships are used for medical support groups of forces in the far sea area, to assist with humanitarian disasters in remote places, as well as for medical and psychological rehabilitation of flight personnel of naval aircraft during long hikes.Now, according to open sources, the Russian Navy is composed of three hospital ships: Cheromanskom fleet “Yenisei” (1981 of construction), based in Sevastopol, the Northern fleet “Svir” (1989) in the North and the Pacific fleet “Irtysh” (1990) — Vladivostok. The fourth ship was scrapped in 2007. All ships of this type were built in Poland.In December 2018, head of the medical Department of the Navy commander Igor mosyagin said that all three ships until 2022 needs to undergo major repair and used until at least 2030. In addition, the issue of construction of new hospital ships, and the use of new vessels of logistic support in the interest of the medical service fleets, he added.As he wrote, “the” on March 26, only three ships “Irtysh” out to sea, in 2016, it was modernized, and in early 2020 he was equipped with the latest telemedicine facilities and services for holding online consultations in the diagnosis and surgical interventions. “Yenisei” and “Svir” stand for many years without movement and are used primarily as outpatient clinics and hotels for arrivals on a business trip, noted the publication.Senior researcher of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Mikhail Barabanov believes that one ship in the black sea and Pacific fleets would be useful if you need to deploy forces in the event of a local conflict, more serious than the Syrian. Of course, hospital ships it is better to build it yourself, he said, although it is obvious that USC “is guaranteed to be unfinished.”Anastasia Vedeniapina court actively used in other States. So, at the end of March the U.S. government announced that it has decided to use two of the vessels of Mercy and Comfort in the fight against the epidemic of the coronavirus. The ships were originally built as supertankers in 1970 and converted into a hospital in 1986 and 1987 for 1 thousand beds each. Also on 26 March, the cruise company MSC has announced that it has converted liner Splendida 400 berths at the floating hospital for the care of people infected with coronavirus in Italy. At the end of April it became known that the cruise ferry “Princess Anastasia” by 2.5 thousand people, cruising from St. Petersburg to Scandinavia, sent to Murmansk, to place employees contractors NOVATEK in the affected coronavirus Belokamenka (see “Kommersant” on 30 April). However, Kommersant’s sources in the shipbuilding industry doubt that this court can accommodate infectious patients as a rule, they are equipped with a common system of ventilation, which can spread the infection. In this way spread the disease among tourists on the cruise ship Diamond Princess, they resemble. It is more logical to use hospital ships during epidemics and pandemics as the ability to place patients with non-viral diseases with a shortage of beds in hospitals, think of social security��Nicky “b”.Anastasia Vedeneeva