the SEZ “Togliatti” – the flagship project of the government of the Samara region for attracting investment to the region. Today this area was 25 residents from five different industries: manufacture of automotive components, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, manufacturing materials, packaging, gases and gas equipment. In addition, the site is a logistics centre of a large metallurgical enterprises.

Today on the territory of the SEZ is already operational in ten enterprises, the total investment of which is 13.6 billion. With this in Togliatti appeared more than 1,300 new jobs.

For the second quarter of 2020 residents came up with serious results. So, their total earnings from the beginning of project implementation made up of 19.72 billion, this figure rose to 40 percent from 2018. All levels of budgets, residents made tax and non-tax contributions of 2.52 billion rubles. Of them in the regional budget – 427,4 million rubles.

the Development of the investment platform is supported by the Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov. In April the head of region has signed the law on inclusion of SEZ in the border Togliatti. Previously, this area 660гектаров belonged to the Stavropol district. Now, thanks to the accession of the territory to Togliatti in addition to preferences to the SEZ residents will be able to enjoy the support of Fund of development of monotowns.

in addition, last year the SEZ has received the status of the industrial Park. It enables the management company areas to build housing for a specific project for future residents who do not want to invest in the construction of their own funds. Subsequently these premises, the resident will be rented. Today in the SEZ have already built such housing. The construction of one of them personally commended by the Minister of economic development and investment Samara region Dmitry Bogdanov during his visit to the SEZ “Togliatti”.

enclosure with an area of 11.8 square meters will house, OOO “Faurecia Automotive solutions” with the project for the production of sets of automobile seats. The total volume of the investments declared is 423,4 million rubles. Now the company is preparing a business plan to apply for obtaining the status of SEZ resident. The new venture will employ more than five hundred people. The delivery of housing in operation is planned for December 2020.

representatives of the contractor assured Dmitry Bogdanov that the construction is in the schedule, problems with the supply of construction materials at the facility no.

the Minister also visited the construction site of the “Tolyatti paper mill”, launched in 2018. It produces paper for corrugating and cardboard from waste paper. Now proizvod��TVE employs ten staff.

According to General Director of SEZ Togliatti Sergey Andreev, the key project in the development of transport and logistics infrastructure is the construction of a railway.

Today completed the design, now the project passes state examination. And the first part of it, at the “Togliatti”, has already received a construction permit. This road will allow to transport 1.4 million tons of cargo per year, he said.

In conjunction with the construction of the railway line for the SEZ, there are still two of the project: reconstruction of the motor road “Tolyatti-Yagodnoye” and the construction of roads Klimovsk on the bridge.

According to the representative of contractor on the reconstruction of the motor road “Tolyatti-Yagodnoye”, all preparatory work on the site, half spent dumping the subgrade. In addition, there is the construction of an overpass, which will be the interchange at the SEZ “Togliatti”. This year will start going through the overpass, paving it for the first 600 metres, as well as rebuild all the utilities impeding construction.

to ensure that the region fulfilled its obligations to the Federal centre for the promotion of SEZ site, the special customs regime, there is created the necessary infrastructure. By November 2020 in will be the building of the customs administration, box inspection, five checkpoints, including one car.

Dmitry Bogdanov, Minister of economic development and investment Samara region:

In 2019 were protected by the program of development of the SEZ “Togliatti”, which was designed and planned activities related to the development of infrastructure: road widening, construction of railway. The construction of the new road will connect the SEZ with a modern highway, part of corridor “Europe-Western China”. The second global development of industrial parks, without which we will not be able to fully compete for investors. This project was supported by the Governor Dmitry Azarov, we have for three years already planned funding for the establishment of such buildings. Construction stage in the SEZ “Togliatti” is in full swing. And economic complications did not have any impact on the pace of construction projects or the plans of the investors with whom we, together, these projects are launching now.