Wi-Fi certification 6 gives the ability to use Wi-Fi 802.11 ax. "with the new standard it is possible to build Mesh networks in the home: so people will be able to achieve the best coverage, the best signal quality, – explains the analyst of Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin. – Today Wi-Fi 6 is in all top-end smartphones – Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, but it was closed at the firmware level. Update software Wi-Fi 6 will be supported smartphones, routers, and the technology can be used".

Wi-Fi 6 increases the data transfer rate by 25-35% compared to the previous generation, says Anton Kukanov, Director of the Centre for digital expertise Roskoshestvo. Increase the performance of computationally intensive streaming applications, programs, collaboration, remote access and device applications of the Internet of things (IoT) due to more efficient use of spectrum.

In addition, as the transition to the new standard for the upgrade to complete the security Protocol Wi-Fi to version WPA3. It eliminates some of the vulnerability that opened the current version of WPA2, concludes Kukanov.

The representative of the Association of trading companies and manufacturers of consumer electronic and computer equipment (RATEK) Anton Guskov considers that with the advent of Wi-Fi standard 6 Internet connection will be better in the first place this will affect devices which are the access points, in particular the routers.