on 24 June, the anniversary of the 75th anniversary of the legendary Parade of winners on the red square to commemorate the end of world war II in Eastern Sarajevo, opened the exhibition “roads of Victory” from the series “the Path to Victory: the historical sources indicate”. It was organized by the Russian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Russian historical society and the Fund “History of the Fatherland” with the support of the leadership of Republika Srpska.

the visitors were presented a unique archive photo and video materials provided by the Fund and the State Central Museum of contemporary history of Russia, Central archive of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, Foreign policy Archive of the Russian foreign Ministry. Many of them long time was stored under a signature stamp “top secret”.

the aims and objectives of the exhibition the correspondent “the Russian newspaper” has told the Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Director of the Institute of archaeology RAS Nikolai Makarov. Scientist noted the fact that “the fight against falsification of history is part of the work of the historian, our professional duty.” “The task of the historian to present an objective and accurate picture of the past. This exhibition is another step on this very difficult path, he stated. – History of the Second world war until recently it seemed obvious to us. In our minds there were opinions that seemed to us immutable, because they shared the whole world, the whole of Europe. Now we see that it is not that again the history is manipulated. And the most convincing argument in order to return a reliable picture of the fundamental return true interpretation, is to refer to documents. This exhibition contains documents, archival photographs, which show the realities of war in the Balkans, the decisive contribution of the red army in the liberation of Yugoslavia, military cooperation, establishment of relations between the red army and people’s liberation army of Yugoslavia, the special atmosphere of Victory. Convincing the faces of the people that greet our soldiers, captured the footage of the atmosphere. All of this suggests that they were met as liberators, that is more convincing than a far-fetched and distorted judgments that we, unfortunately, have to listen in many Eastern European countries. The documents speak for themselves.”


Serbian member of the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik and his Advisor, the famous Director Emir Kusturica took part today in a ceremony . “Russia made a decisive contribution to the collapse of fascism, – the politician said in an interview with RTRS. – Indeed, through this Parade provides a strong resistance to the revisionists”.

it Should also be noted that the political leaders of the Republika Srpska (RS) in an interview, “RossYi newspaper” openly expressed their positive attitude to the great Victory and feat of the Soldier-liberator.

So, the Prime Minister of the RS, Radovan Viskovic stressed that the Serbian people are proud of their contribution to the Great Victory, which he achieved side by side with the soldiers of the red Army, whose actions during world war II was crucial to the collapse of fascism and the establishment of peace on earth. “The victory day over fascism is celebrated worldwide in memory of the heroes who gave their lives, fought against a terrible evil that plagues mankind, so that we could all live in a free and fair world, – the politician considers. – Tremendous sacrifices and struggle for freedom left a deep mark in the history of our people, forced us to develop a culture of remembrance, reminding younger generations about the importance of anti-fascism and the role of the Serbian people in world war II. The contribution to the struggle and sacrifices of the Serbian people for a better, more just and tolerant world, was extremely important for the scrapping of fascism and Nazism”.

Head of the national Assembly of Republika Srpska Nedelko Cabrinovic said that in the Republika Srpska indisputable decisive contribution of the Russian people in the victory over Nazism and fascism in Europe, are vigorously resist any attempt of revision of this undeniable historical fact. “The troops of the Soviet red army liberated more than 10 States of the current European Union and other countries, – he reminded. Every peace-loving and friendly person must bow before the memory of these victims, because it’s the least we can do for them”. According to the politician, “the Republika Srpska is proud of the heroic participation of the Serbian people in the anti-fascist struggle, our responsibility and our duty to transmit to future generations the truth about the heroic suffering of mankind in the struggle against fascism and Nazism, fiercely resist all attempts to revise the historical facts that unfortunately are present in our surroundings”.