In the picture of Tina Kandelaki saw the photoshopped belly

Subscribers TV presenter and media Manager Tina Kandelaki saw the photoshop of the abdomen and “floated” on the background of her picture. Photo appeared on her Instagram account.

In the description of the publication the journalist talked about 10 habits that prevent weight loss. To him she attributed the lack of sleep, alcohol consumption and lack of exercise. Attached to post photos Kandelaki posing on a background of trees in a pink sports suit: cropped t-shirt, tights and sneakers Nike.

Subscribers celebrities noticed that it reduced belly and increased breast with the help of photoshop, causing the shape of the house in the background is noticeably distorted. Among the noticed that users were Ksenia Sobchak.

“But a fierce photoshop to make the house looked and the trees are only real athletes do, right?” — spoken by the presenter in his Telegram channel.

It was supported by other Instagram users.

“Well, the press has been photoshopped,” said one in the comments below Kandelaki. “In this photo, birch "swam" and her "floated"…”, — commented the second. “Notice how birch along the belly and the window at the house in the background floated?” — said the third. “In the photo, the video is not so. Tina, don’t lie and neither himself nor others” — advised the last.

In January, former model and TV presenter Katie Price caught in the use of photoshop for selfies and laughed at her network. The model noted that it had not used filters on the photo, however, fans noticed traces thorough photoshop — too smooth skin on the forehead and around the eyes of a woman, and began to joke about it in the comments.