the Victory of the ruling camp also allows the President mun Jae-Inu calmly and confidently to govern the remaining two years of the term, and the party has good chances to hold their own candidate in the presidential election in may 2022.

According to the final data of the CEC of South Korea, the ruling Democratic party “Tabora”, and it has established for voting on party lists people’s party “Tabora” received a total of 180 of the mandates in the new National Assembly, which consists of 300 people. Their main opponents – the conservative United future party (UBP) and its “copy” to vote according to party lists, “the party of the future of Korea,” has gained 103 votes. Thus, the two parties share more than 95 percent of all seats in Parliament.

Also in the Parliament will be presented, but rather symbolically, three more parties: the “Party of fairness” (6 seats), “an Open democratic party” (3 places) and “people’s party” (3 places). The remaining five seats were won by independent candidates. The final turnout was 66.2%, which was a record for General elections over the past 28 years.

Although before the elections the polls were saying that the Democrats are going to win, but few expected that they will be able to achieve such a resounding success. Since full democratization of South Korea in 1987, when ended the reign of the generals, has never been a case to Parliament so dominated by one party. This success is even more serious, so how is it that Democrats win four consecutive major elections – parliamentary elections of 2016 and 2020 presidential elections in 2017 and the elections to regional authorities in 2018.

the Ruling party can now independently without support of other parties to carry out all laws except those that require changes to the Constitution. It is also worth considering that the “justice Party” and “Open democratic party” are close to the ruling ideology, but because this unit has almost 190 votes.

the Conservative opposition in the face of OPB went to the polls, promising to hold the President, the government and the ruling party “people’s court” through the election results, but it turned out that she had received impartial verdict from the electorate. For OPB, which six months ago was seriously planning to achieve a majority in the parliamentary elections, it is a crushing defeat.

Its candidates, including party leader Hwang Gyo Ana, lost the direct confrontation with rivals from the Democrats. The same Hwang in district No. 1 in the heart of Seoul’s Jongno with a difference of almost twenty percent lost to his principal rival, former Prime Minister Lee NAK ENU. When it became obvious the overall outcome, Hwang took responsibility for the affected��e party and even night announced his resignation from the post of leader of the United party of the future. Similarly for Democrats over most other similar confrontations in other districts. In addition to Hwang Gyo Ana, who had ambitions to nominate his candidacy in the presidential election in 2022, was defeated and his other party colleagues who had similar plans, including the ex-mayor of Seoul Oh Se-Hoon and former head of the faction of OPB in Parliament On Gene Vaughn.

Not the most pleasant for the political culture of South Korea the result of the election was an obvious aggravation of the tradition of political confrontation between the regions. If you look at the map, it turns out that the ruling bloc voted primarily capital region and South-West, where traditionally strong position of the Democrats, and around conservatives rallied together the East and the features of their home base – South-East. In this small party, who had hoped to play the role as a centrist, now almost disappeared from the political landscape. Collectively they have less than five percent of the seats in Parliament. The same people’s party, headed by the talented businessman Ahn Chul-soo now has received only three mandates, while four years earlier she had 38 seats. In the end, everything is determined by the confrontation between the two parties, who in turn divided the country into two parts.

In any case, the President moon Jae-In have now the opportunity to lead the country in his remaining two years of his reign and carry out the necessary laws. Now he has no need to enlist the support of the opposition, all the laws the ruling party is able to hold itself.

these elections many considered as a kind of “intermediate evaluation” activities moon Jae-In. Previously, he many have criticized primarily for actions in the economy, and conservatives were dissatisfied with the policy of cooperation with Pyongyang. But the moon, it turns out, received a vote of confidence. According to experts, the key to the current resounding success of the ruling camp were largely competent actions of the government, which could in a short time to cope with an outbreak of the coronavirus, becoming an example to the world. This caused many critics from among the inhabitants to “forget” all the previous mistakes of the government and the President to support him.

moreover, the opposition also did itself harm by failing to provide a coherent, attractive program. The situation has seriously worsened and the number of candidates for his controversial statements has restored against itself and against the party in the General electorate. The result – a resounding and unprecedented for a political history of democratic South Korea, the Democrats ‘ victory and the continued growth of rating of the President mun Jae-In.

it Should also be noted, Thuabout South Korea held parliamentary elections in a situation when there is a struggle with the coronavirus. And here the Koreans have set an example, showing them how to normalize life and to abandon many of the usual liberties. Of course, the key opportunities to behave become a success in the fight against infection in advance. The Koreans were able to do without total quarantine and without emptying the shelves, minimizing the limitations.

speaking about the new composition of the Korean Parliament, here are some facts about him. In this record in the history of Korea the number of deputies from among women. Of the 300 deputies of 29 people or 11.5 per cent are women. Age most of the deputies in age from 50 to 59 years. The youngest people’s Deputy for 27 years, and the oldest was 72 years.

Interestingly, among the new deputies of the Parliament of South Korea, there are two former North Koreans. One of them is 55-year-old Tae GU Min (its North Korean name is Tae Yong Ho). Four years ago, he was the Deputy North Korean Ambassador in London, but then took off so decided to try myself in politics South Korea, presenting, by the way, conservatives. He had a full campaign and won in one of the districts of Seoul.

the Second Deputy from among the natives of North Korea – a 36-year-old Chi sun Ho, who moved to the South in 2006. He was in Parliament on party lists from the conservative camp. About him know that he lived in North Korea, in poverty, at age 12, when need tried to steal the coal, was hit by a train and lost a leg, became a disabled person. In order to get from North Korea to South Korea he walked with a crutch in five countries, breaking the ten thousand kilometers.

In the domestic politics of South Korea is now on the agenda comes the preparation for the presidential elections that will take place in may 2022. It is clear that time is still enough, but Korean voters are often very quickly change their preferences, but now the Democrats are in a very advantageous position. In their camp there are a few popular politicians, which have all that you need to compete for the presidency. The main favorite of them is the already mentioned former Prime Minister Lee NAK-Yeon, who confidently beat in district No. 1 Seoul leader of the opposition party. Lee also is a close ally moon Jae-In, previously heading the government, with moon over two and a half years, which is also a record for the political history of South Korea. But apart from Whether NAK Ena Democrats have other potential candidates.

the Opposition will have to undergo a painful period of reinvention. Now they resemble a knocked out boxer who can’t get over it. Many of the main “powerhouses” of the party that could hope to participate in Prez��DETSKOI race, lost their elections, having failed to obtain parliamentary seats. So conservatives need to act quickly. These elections have shown that they are unable to make proper conclusions after the impeachment of ex-President Park Geun-Hye in 2017 and to enlist the support of a sufficient number of voters.

Many Koreans now began to Express concern that the levers of power and influence is overly concentrated in the hands of Democrats, while the opposition lost its position and is not yet able to act as necessary for full democracy, the counterweight or alternative. This choice, however, that citizens of Kazakhstan have made yourself, and the presidential election 2022 will show whether they are happy with this situation or not.