In the Nizhny Novgorod region are beginning to ease the restrictive measures associated with the spread of the coronavirus. The corresponding decree was signed by the Governor Gleb Nikitin.

the Mode isolation in the region is preserved, but introduced some relief. In particular, increases the radius and duration of the walks is up to 1000 meters from the residence (instead of 300 meters) and up to 2 hours a day (instead of hours). Also allowed sport and physical education in the street for two hours a day. Together can do not more than two persons subject to the distance between them and other people at least 5 meters.

In the Nizhny Novgorod region will be able to open retail with a separate entrance and a room area of up to 400 meters. Trying on clothes and shoes is still prohibited. Also at this stage by decision of the municipal authorities can in normal mode to open kindergartens.

In the next phase, the lifting of restrictions can begin work street shops and retail with a floor area of up to 800 meters. Will removed all restrictions on trips, including in parks and gardens. Resume sports facilities for training professional athletes. Will be able to open beauty salons, hair salons, museums, zoos (subject to the limitations on number of attendees). But while talking about the transition to the second stage with the Governor, yet.