The natural-historical Park “Moskvoretsky” environmentalists noticed. In the Red book of Moscow, this bird is not listed, but included in the list of types that need constant control and surveillance.

the name of the bird was due to its ability to onomatopoeia. Old Russian word “varicosity” means “to mimic, tease, posing anyone.” Bluethroat borrows snippets of the songs of other birds living nearby, so trills of different species can sound different. Like Nightingale, considered one of the best natural singers and has a special “phrase”, giving the songs a distinctive sound.

the Bluethroat leads a secretive way of life. It features: bright brilliant blue color of the throat and upper chest accentuate the bottom a narrow black stripe. The pattern ends with a broad red stripe, and in the center of the blue bib is a bright spot, which is also called the asterisk. Its color can vary from white to red-red, in some subspecies, it is not.

the color of the stain is birds. For example, the Nordic and Scandinavian populations usually wear a red asterisk, and belostadnoye bluethroats inhabit mainly the Western, Central Europe and Central Russia.

the birds Nest on the ground, so the female has the inconspicuous coloration (this is necessary for the safety of the offspring). They usually settle in river valleys, on banks of ravines, lakes or ponds with dense vegetation. Food — small invertebrates, often collected from the ground, surveying the surrounding area.