In the may holidays in the capital’s schoolchildren and College students will be additional time for not only recreation and entertainment but also for self-education. 1 through may 11, they will not be remote lessons. So the boys are not bored at home and spent free time with advantage, prepared a special online activity.

students can visit interesting video lectures, online seminars and master classes. All information about them posted on the websites of educational institutions, as well as on the portal “School in the big city” in the “events of exciting classes,” where all the activity of the Moscow education system that is available in the may holidays.

high school Students will continue preparation for the exam and the OGE with the assistance of a large number of tests and interactive educational apps in the library “mash”, as well as online service self-examination and self-training “My achievements”, where you can get personal training sessions in 14 subjects of the school curriculum.

in addition, free time is an additional opportunity for students on the eve of the Victory Day to remember the history of the country to join its heroic past. Guys can learn more about the exploits of his family and also to the Patriotic participate in online events conducted by educational institutions. Detailed information about promotions, flash mobs, remote projects for the 75th anniversary of the great Victory can be found on the website of the Moscow center “Patriot.Sport.”

full-time classes in Moscow schools have been temporarily cancelled as of March 21. The lessons were conducted only in remote mode. Such measures introduced in accordance with the order of the Moscow Department of education and science and the decree of the Mayor of Moscow because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection.

In connection with the unfavorable epidemiological situation days from 6 to 8 may inclusive the President of Russia announced hours. Taking into account holidays remote lessons for Moscow schoolchildren and students of colleges from 1 to 11 may will not take place.

For primary school students and pupils of pre-school groups, whose parents fulfill their professional duties, from 6 to 8 may will continue to work on-call groups up to 12 people. In schools all the necessary conditions for the prevention of diseases: children measure the temperature daily and monitor their health, in areas regularly cleaning and airing, and used germicidal lamp closed type, which are absolutely safe for children. Public holidays 1 to 5 and may 9 to 11 on-duty groups will not work.

to Learn more about the prevention of coronavirus and methods of combating the disease is possible by a telephone hotline of the Department of health of Moscow: +7 (495) 870-45-09, as well as in special projects