Prince Louis

the 38-year-old Kate Middleton and Prince William not often share new photos of their three children — mostly they do it on major holidays. Less often until you can see the youngest heir of the spouses of two years Prince Louis: the last time his fresh, new images were published in April in honor of his birthday.

On the same day in the Internet appeared previously unpublished shot from the same photo shoot that Kate Middleton gave the kid shortly before his second birthday. This picture was in store for embellishing cards, which the Duke of Cambridge sent his fans as a thank you for the congratulations on their son’s birthday.

Prince Louis

the Photo was taken right before little Louis soiled hands and face in rainbow paint. On the reverse side of the postcard of Kate and William left a few words of thanks to all those who congratulated the boy.

the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appreciated your kindness. This card they thank you for your congratulations to Prince Louis happy birthday. Your attention was noticed by their Highnesses who are sending you best wishes,

— was written on the card with a previously unpublished photograph of the boy.

Recall that recently one of the insiders said that Kate Middleton is very nice to hear when someone says that Louis is the only one of her children, which apparently went to her mother.

Prince Louis

by the Way, after the birth of the baby began to slowly acquaint with lots of family traditions. For example, now the boy together with his elder brother George and sister Charlotte will participate in the culinary experiments of his mother Kate Middleton, who just loves to cook and always attracted to this exciting process of children.

She loves to cook along with George and Charlotte. And now, when Louis was two years old, he met a much larger number of traditions of his family. He already had practice with my mother in the kitchen. He likes to cook dinner together with the older,

— said the insider.

Prince William with children