“in Front of the toilet and after eating, hands are not forgotten” is a wash since the Corona-crisis so far out of date.

For 2020, the polite Reminder must be “in accordance with the Actuation of a door handle”, “after entering a pin Code”, “according to the Press of an Elevator button,” and “the touch of cash” has been added.

people wash these days so often the hands, as rarely before – to the benefit of the health, but very much to the detriment of the sensitive, sensitive skin on the hands.

What can we do about it? So you can protect the skin from extreme dehydration.

Arnica and chamomile help

an infection with the Corona-excitation counter, experts recommend several times a day and wash at least for 20 to 30 seconds, the hands.

Which raises the natural protective acid mantle of the skin quite off the track, as the action informed The safe house (DSH).

chamomile, and Arnica are natural extracts that can help to soothe the skin and accelerate the healing of small wounds.

a hand bath with lukewarm cooled chamomile tea can work wonders.

if you like it a little more compact, can alternatively also rely on hand creams with the appropriate medicinal herbs.

Not only Ökotest lavera has already been a “Very good” can win, even in the FIT FOR FUN hand cream-Test, the brand was able to convince with their ingredients and their quality.

in the Meantime, there is also a practical 2-in-1 care from Lavera as a two-fold double pack that nourishes both hands, nails, and olive oil is also with the award-winning chamomile extract.

Handy for a snack, because they not only nourishes, but also very quickly absorbed.

What soap brings against Corona?

The Coronavirus is a lipid layer, so with fat, covered.

Because soap grease expectorant, it can disintegrate this, even better still, as a disinfectant, the Virus in its ingredients and it is harmless to be leave.

Frequent and thorough hand washing makes a lot of sense!

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much gentler on the hands, however, it is a skin pH-neutral soap. Such products have names like “pH-neutral” or “pH 5.5 to wear”.

in addition, it is a natural cosmetics on the safe side, if you do not want to charge your skin with unnecessary chemicals.

Not only gentler on the environment, but also for the wallet directly to larger refill packs, such as, for example, two liters of sonnet are.

with the marigolds, the hands are extract even when Clean, a little spoiled.

where his hands are, however, fond of, should not give up followed by a moisturiser, but still better.

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