the New owner of the funeral home in the Australian city of Goulburn in the state of New South Wales, found in the closet of a urn 70 people. This is the website The Riotact.

Christy Mazer (Kristy Meizer) bought the funeral of Bob Rudd (Bob Rudd) on Reynolds street. From 1 July 2019 it has officially changed ownership and was renamed the Lovell Meizer Funerals. “When we acquired the business, there was an incredible mess. It took us six months to clean it,” said Mazer.

Along with barbecue and old vacuum cleaner in the closet she found a long forgotten plastic urns with the remains of 70 people. They were covered with caps and labeled with the names, dates of death and date of cremation. The new owner, the Bureau tried to find the next of kin of the deceased and contact them.

“Many were taken. I called and left messages to a large number of people. Sometimes I call back. Some of the closest relatives have died,” she said. Despite her efforts, 44 boxes of the 70 remained in her office.

the Australian contacted representatives of the Australian Association of funeral Directors and crematorium South Norwood Park in Canberra. Both organizations said that keeping the ashes for some time common practice in the funeral.

In many cases, next-of-kin changed their wishes or didn’t want to bury the ashes. The Australian Association of funeral Directors believes that it is necessary to regulate the possibility to get rid of the unclaimed ashes in a reasonable period of time.

“Now the funeral Directors so you can’t get rid of the ashes without permission. The result is unclaimed remains are in the funeral home as long as they do not take” — said the Association.

the Discovery of urns with the remains in Goulburn has attracted the attention of users of local social networks. One of the wearer Facebook told me that her 88-year-old girlfriend of 13 years attended a memorial wall, where she thought she had buried her husband. Later she learned that his remains were in a closet of a funeral home in Goulburn.

Earlier it was reported that in Thailand’s Nonthaburi province arrested the adept of black magic, to steal human remains for making protective amulets. His activities became known after the caretaker of one of the Buddhist temples found that disappeared tens of bronze funeral urns with ashes of the dead.