In the next few hours in Moscow and the Moscow region is expected to intermittent rain and strong winds South-West and Western areas with gusts reaching 16-21 m / s.

As reported in the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow, the weather will remain in the city until the end of the day. In the West champion.

due to strong winds there is a possibility of falling trees and poorly fortified structures, damage to power lines. Machines are best left in the garage, and if this is not possible — away from the trees.

On the roads should be especially careful to keep your distance.

security Rules: how to behave during a strong wind.

As the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for housing, utilities and amenities Pyotr Biryukov, due to the strong winds and possible thunderstorms city services have been instructed to alert all forces assigned to eliminate the consequences of emergency situations.

He stressed that necessary measures are taken for the protection of buildings, structures, residential and nonresidential, objects of transport and trade, large-format advertising structures from wind gusts. In the mode of readiness of emergency crews, which if necessary can be deployed quickly to repair damage incurred due to bad weather.

the head of the municipal services complex have advised the public to be extremely careful on the street.

“If you have to leave the house, this wind should follow safety rules, in particular to ignore the billboards, not to shelter under trees and not to Park cars there,” said Pyotr Biryukov.

He also recalled that, driving a car during a thunderstorm, the driver needs to be very careful and neat. The storm worsens visibility on the road, and flashes of lightning can blind the driver and cause an accident.