the Government approved amendments to the procedure for granting subsidies to subjects of small and medium enterprises working under franchise agreements. The order adjusted with the wishes of entrepreneurs. They were all announced at the online meetings of the working group on anti-crisis measures to support the business and meetings of sectoral sub-groups under the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of Moscow.

Now apply for a grant to the franchisee can small and medium businesses operating under the license and sublicense agreements. Earlier in support of the city could count only companies operating under contracts of commercial concession or sub-concession.

Also, the experts reviewed the existing restrictions in terms of registration of these contracts. If the first apply for subsidies could companies whose franchise agreements to the filing date were registered in the Rospatent is not more than 1.5 years ago, now qualify for compensation can companies that have contracts registered in Rospatent to five years, inclusive.

Subsidies from the city budget franchisees can use for reimbursement of interest on loans, expenditures for acquisition of equipment from their own funds or through lease payments. As of this year, compensation can be obtained on payment of lump-sum premiums and royalties to the franchisor. Also during the crisis made possible the reimbursement of the costs of utility payments.

the Maximum size of the grants is within one of the commercial concession agreement or sub-concession, license or sublicense agreement.

Accepting applications for the subsidies will continue until 1 June. To provide prompt financial assistance to entrepreneurs of the expert Committee will consider applications each week.

Benefits, deferred and tax breaks: how to defend the business during coronaviruses will offer themes for the events of “Digital business space.”

to Ask questions about the support of small and average business of Moscow entrepreneurs can call: +7 (499) 961-01-20. Operational information is also published in the newly created city Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of the channel in the “Telegram” (@subsidii_msk) “Subsidies to the Moscow businessmen”.

in addition, the portal earned the project “Coronavirus: important for business.” On the page you can find information about existing measures of support and changes in the regulatory framework. And for operational issues support the business established a working group under the Department of business and innovation development city of Moscow. Online SaaSedenia parties are held weekly.