DUSHANBE, 29 APR — news, Lydia Isamova. the lower chamber of Parliament of Tajikistan adopted amendments to the law “On state registration of civil status acts” prohibiting the use of Slavic suffixes in surnames and patronymics, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

As follows from the document, check the names of newborns, you cannot use in names the suffixes “-ov-/-EV -,” and in patronymics — “-ovich/-evich” and “-IOD-/-EVN-“.

“the only Exception is for residing in the territory of the Republic of national minorities, which can choose which suffix to use in the names and the middle name when registering newborn children,” — said the Minister of justice Muzaffar ASURION.

According to him, these amendments apply only to those children that are born after the adoption of the law. Those who have received birth certificates with Slavic suffixes to change middle name and surname do not have a passport they will be given the same name.

the Need for amendments ASURION explained, “the revival of national names.”

the Citizens of Tajikistan in 2007 recommended to abandon the Slavic suffixes in patronymic names and surnames. An example of was filed by the President Emomali Rakhmonov, who changed his surname to Rakhmon. He explained this by the fact that he would like to carry the name “according to the laws of their ancestors” and urged his compatriots to return to the Persian spelling. After the head of the state names changed almost all officials.