Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad may soon resign. Signs of such developments in the near future, said representatives of the Syrian opposition, reports the North Press.

According to the source, this issue is currently being discussed countries Astana of the process — Russia, Turkey and Iran. Confirm this information is not yet possible, but several circumstances indicate that want Assad removed from power, according to sources North Press.

So, according to the representatives of the Syrian opposition Yahya al-Aridi (Yahya al-Aridi) and results of investigation say about the involvement of Assad’s forces to use chemical weapons in Syria. In addition, recently in the country there was a scandal involving a cousin of the President, Rami Makhlouf, who is accused of tax evasion, it is Mahluf is the main sponsor of the regime of Assad and his military campaigns. Both circumstances negatively impact on the image of the Syrian President.

in addition, slightly more than a month in power should join the so-called act of Caesar — developed by the United States a bill providing for sanctions against the Assad government and its foreign supporters, including Moscow and Tehran, for committing war crimes. As a result, any attempts to improve relations with the regime of the current Syrian President and to continue cooperation with him may be disadvantageous to his supporters. At the al-Aridi, Russia is already beginning to realize that participation in the conflict in Syria, despite a series of military successes brought him no political benefit.

As noted by another opposition leader, Dr. Read Naasan yeah (Reyad Naasan Aga), the crisis in relations with Assad evidenced by the fact that in the publications of the Russian media began to slip in the idea that Moscow is unhappy with the Syrian leader. In his opinion, Russia fears that due weakness of the current Syrian regime, it may lose even those positions in the region, she still managed to win thanks to his intervention.

In April, the Israeli channel Keshet 12, citing intelligence sources reported that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is dissatisfied with the work of Assad and his administration. According to sources, about discontent of the Kremlin Assad show appeared in mid-April in the Russian media publications about corruption in the government of Syria. Furthermore, it was observed that during the whole April, Putin never phoned his Syrian counterpart, although earlier contacts between leaders of the two countries were regular.