In St. Petersburg, the police found and caught a sexual predator who attacked young women on the street. About it reports to “Fontanka”.

According to the newspaper, the traces of DNA left by the perpetrator on the victim, pointed to his involvement in the rape of three victims. The police believe that victims much more at the moment the consequence checks the serial rapist.

on the night of 17 June he was detained 34-the summer native of the city of Salavat Sergey Hafner. According to investigators, in October 2016, he raped a 21-year-old lady in the stairwell of the house on Avenue of Cosmonauts and disappeared. Similar crimes were committed by them in the Vladimir and Samara areas. In August 2016, at the entrance of the house in Samara the man abused the 17-year-old victim. In September of the same year, raped a 25-year-old resident of Vladimir in 15 meters from the house.

Hafner not registered anywhere in 2015. Him repeatedly issued reports for small hooliganism. In 2000, his homeland were forcibly sent to a psychiatric hospital for robbery, hooliganism, robbery, death threats. In 2017 Hafner again accused in the robbery, but was able to track down and arrest only a year later. He was again placed in a mental hospital.