In the current Corona-crisis of the individual traffic by car is more attractive than ever. But what you must note when output restrictions, what if I can’t get a workshop date for the MOT or if a driving ban is in the house? We answer the questions of the drivers. the Today : What do I do if my car has to to the main investigation?

I Must in crisis to the TUV?

New cars for the first time. three years after the date of their authorisation, all the other cars in the rhythm of two years to the TUV As a General rule, you are not allowed to cover the so-called main inspection (HU) . That is, it must be carried out in the month of the registration certificate and the badge on the rear number plate. Since the test centres are still open ( see Details here), one must, therefore, also in the crisis of the TÜV. Your car has a cheat engine? (Display)

you Know, if your car is affected – and calculate non-binding and free of charge your personal amount of compensation.

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it Covers, nevertheless, and the device in a control, this is the beginning, not a broken leg, but will be punished with fines .

Here the following rule:

  • Overdraft apply in the case of passenger Cars, motorcycles and light trailers (non-security testing subject vehicles) more than 2 months: 15 euros
  • Overdraft 4 – 8 months: 25 Euro-TÜV-Report 2020, reveals which cars you the Finger PCP TÜV-Report 2020 should reveals let, what are the cars you the Finger

should be From eight months of “over it”, there are points

critical it is, if you pull more than eight months for the main examination – here, the consequences are significantly more severe, 60 Euro fine and 1 point in Flensburg.

For commercial vehicles, in which a safety audit is required, apply their own rules:

  • Overdraft up to 2 months: EUR 15
  • Overdraft 2 – 4 months: 25 Euro
  • Overdraft more than 4 – 8 months: 60 euros and 1 point in Flensburg

Stricter investigation already in two months arrears

But beware: The event was covered for more than two months, is to carry out a so-called “supplementary investigation” , which is 20 percent more than a regular main investigation costs.

A “backdating” no longer exists since the year 2012, this means that even in the case of coated main study, the month in which it is performed, is considered to be the beginning of a new 2-year period. About the experts

lawyer Michael Winter studied law in Tübingen and, since 1989, traffic law operates. As a lecturer at the dual University of Baden-Württemberg, conveys his experience in the scientific field. He founded the company “WHW Seminar & Service” made since 2001 through interactive seminars, a four-digit number of traffic participants under the company motto: “Knowledge can Help further” in the areas of “road safety and traffic law”. Since the beginning of the diesel scandals Winter complains, also, together with his partners against several German automotive manufacturers.Click here for the FOCUS Online experts world

If the vehicle fails the test, it is to demonstrate, within a month again. Of course, the defects have to be eliminated immediately (i.e. before the end of this period). If the 1-month is enough period, is a completely new, paid main inspection is due.

special rules for season indicator

The season number plate must be made up in a Mature HU only “at the beginning of the next operation period”. Example: Is the main study, due in January, and the vehicle with a seasonal registration as of April provide, you must also only in April for the MOT.

anyone Who believes that these obligations thus to escape, that he einmottet parks his car on private property and approved “” is, incidentally, wrong: Each registered vehicle must be presented within the period prescribed for the main examination. It is not the actual use, but the“ legally permissible“ use of is.

Plated HU, and insurance protection

As it looks now, in the case of a plated main investigation with the insurance protection?

as a General rule, this is also the case of coated TÜV only once in principle. However, in the case of an Overdraft, an insurer, where appropriate, whether you have traded gross negligence – Driving without MOT can be, in fact, as a slight negligence. Better stop: Six warning lights that every driver FOCUS Online/stop Wochit Better: Six of the warning, the need to know every motorist

Happened without TÜV an accident, will regulate the liability of the opposing damage. She notes, however (for example, by using a expert) that the accident is based on security-relevant defects (which would have been detected in HU), it is due to a so-called breach of recourse up to the amount of 5000 Euro call.

In case of an accident without the fully comprehensive insurer will assess the damage to his obligation to carefully and, where appropriate, reductions to the refusal of performance (are the best example of worn tires and hydroplaning-accident) to make.

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the Department for transport

says There is, incidentally, a circular from the Federal Ministry of transport, from which I quote:

“The States and the BMVI considered that the implementation of regular technical inspections of safety in the road traffic acts and to the maintenance of the system relevant logistics chains is necessary. This should not be restricted by the administration. Should not be given in the course of a further escalation of the crisis, a widespread availability of tests, measures should be taken to support especially the system-related logistics chains.“

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