Pione Sisto is known to be a very smiling and friendly person, but it in no way means that he does not also have the edge and the attitudes that sticks out, and as he stands by and follows.

On the authorities or the club then ask him the opposite of his conviction.

The former Danish national team player is thus once again in the focus of an action that is proceeding against everything else he has got to know.

This time, Sisto defied his employer and the Spanish authorities ‘ recommendations on not to cross the borders of the country under the corona of the epidemic.

Celta Vigo have given his players orders to be in Spain during the crisis, but it has emerged that Sisto has not been responsive, and now is located in Denmark.

Now the media ESPN so tell, how he’s come home to his family, and it is not exactly an easy trip, Pione Sisto has been on.

Since there were no flights, trains Sisto, according to the Spanish media matters into their own hands and travelled the whole 2.830 miles in his car, and it took him 26 hours to reach its destination.

Only when he had reached his home, informed his club, according to several Spanish media ‘will handle the matter internally’.

at the same time, Sisto look forward to a fine from the authorities in Spain, which has clarified that it is forbidden to travel without any essential reason.

the Fines for going against the orders start at 600 euros, approximately 4,500 crowns.

Pione Sisto has in his time at Celta Vigo, has also been in high demand for other things, where people have wondered tremendously over his behavior.

Among other things, he has had a strange diet where he only ate fruit, and it caused much of a stir, just like the star, and teammate Aspas have a hard time understanding the person. He has even expressed that he has been one of Denmark’s most hated persons.