In Spain the number of victims of coronavirus has exceeded 20 thousand people

LONDON, 18 Jul – RIA Novosti. The number of victims of coronavirus COVID-19 in Spain has exceeded 20 thousand people, only for the last day died in 565 patients, according to the Ministry of health.

the Total number of deaths of patients diagnosed with the coronavirus, 20 043 man. The number of confirmed diagnoses has increased to 191 726 people, only during the day, was revealed almost 4.5 thousand new cases.

the Total number recovered is on April 18, nearly 75 thousand people (per day – 3166). That is, 39% of patients who have been diagnosed have recovered.

Thus, remain active more than 97 thousand cases.

In the last two days the Ministry of health has expanded the number of cases of the disease, including in it the results obtained with PCR assays, and rapid tests for antibodies. In this regard, in recent days, the General statistics there is a mismatch, which the authorities promise to resolve in the coming days. Information about 191,7 thousand cases correspond to the cases identified on the basis of PCR testing, the results of which are the most reliable.

Spain is now in third place in the number of victims (after the US and Italy) and second in the number of identified cases COVID-19 (after the US). In Spain it is the largest number of victims per million population in the world.

Earlier, the Minister of health Salvador Ilya said that the peak of the epidemic passed and at present the country is at the stage of “bending the curve” of the spread of coronavirus.

the Mode of increased readiness was introduced in Spain on March 14 and was extended twice, the last time until April 26. Restrictive measures in Spain – are among the most stringent in Europe. Residents have the right to leave the house only in exceptional cases: in order to buy food, medicines, get to the hospital, to help people who can’t cope on their own, to get to work. Monday resumed work some do not the vital industries and companies, whose activity was frozen during the last two weeks.

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