In South Korea will determine the true number of infected COVID 19

About the plans announced at the briefing the head of the Centre for combating the spread of infectious diseases under the MoH of the Republic of Korea Chung, Eun Kyung. “We plan to conduct extensive tests to detect antibodies in the population to determine the true size of the spread of coronavirus and the share of those who have or had the virus in the body,” she said.

Apparently, the Koreans have pushed for this information from other countries, which began to identify that the number of actual carriers of the virus in several or even dozens of times more than that stated in the official statistics. It is suspected that a large number of people even after getting COVID-19 in the body does not feel discomfort, do not show any symptoms and therefore do not suspect that they have the coronavirus, but are carriers, creating a potential health risk to those whose immune system is not as strong. However, even after the actual victory of the immune system over COVID-19 in the organism there are antibodies that allow us to determine that the virus from this particular person visited. This statistic can help in finding out all the features COVID-19, which is still periodically continues to surprise the experts.

However South Korean officials believe that the statistics on the actual number of infections will not be much at odds with the official, as Korea is fast enough reflexes, managed to contain an outbreak COVID-19, and now there are obvious signs of a slowdown in the spread of infection. If you believe the official statistics, in South Korea contracted slightly more than 0.02 percent of the population, which in the country more than 51 million people.

According to the midnight of 27 April, the total number of cases COVID-19 in South Korea amounted to 10 738 people, of which 8764 person (or 81.6%) had recovered. The total number of deaths – 243 people, the mortality rate was less than 2.3 percent. During the day, from midnight 26 midnight on April 27 in South Korea, the number of newly infected was only 10 people, but recovered 47. The number of deaths increased by one.