on Monday it became known about the mass infection COVID-19 among the crew of the Russian vessel-the refrigerator “the ice stream”, which a few days ago, docked in the port of Camcon Busan. Out of the 21 members of the team coronavirus revealed at 16, which caused a stir in the port authority and the city authorities, as the team has already managed one way or another to communicate about 170 people.

Mass inspection, which began among those who spoke with the sailors of the vessel, has already led to the identification of new infections among Russians. On Tuesday the government of Busan said that was a loaded sailor with another Russian ship that was docked Kanchana next to the “ice stream”. As we found out, “RG”, we are talking about floating refrigerator “ice crystal” with a displacement of 3264 tons. Both ships under the Russian flag, are owned by the same company, but because the port sailors actively communicated with each other. On “ice crystal” and “ice stream”, the same number of crew – 21 persons.

at the same time there are massive check to the Korean staff of the port of Kumchon, who had contact with the sailors of both ships. Since the unloading of the “ice stream” was implemented jointly by Korean and Russian employees, it is highly probable that among the Koreans appear infected. Ultimately, the government had put all contacts with infected Russians on quarantine, which was a considerable part of the staff of the port, and this has led to failures in its work.

Korean representatives now do not hide the fact that they have serious claims to the Russian side, so as infected, they learned immediately and independently. In the end, it was lost time, and the infection had spread to others.

it is Now established that if pre-submitting documents before entering the port the ship “ice stream” reported that among the crew there are three people with symptoms of coronavirus (high temperature), although it was obliged to do.

in addition, before the release of the vessel from Vladivostok to Busan with “ice stream” came the captain who had symptoms of the infection. He passed the test for the coronavirus, which was positive. However, according to Koreans, the competent bodies of the Russian Federation was not informed of this, although it is customary to notify about such situations, the port to which a vessel.

the infection of captain learned representatives of the Korean side in Vladivostok and reported in Busan. This forced the Koreans to inspect the crew of the “ice stream”, which was subsequently identified with three temperature and 16 infected COVID-19 in total. The problem is that time was lost: we have passed the unloading of a ship, when on Board went up the Koreans who carried out relevant work. If gone about in Vladivostok and ill captain in Busan you would know forblagovremeno, then on arrival the crew immediately took the tests COVID-19, to prevent contact with outsiders.

the Korean authorities say that they will be forced to toughen measures to control arriving from Russia by the courts. As stated by the Deputy head of the centre for combating the spread of diseases Korea Kwon Joon-Wook, the authorities are considering the possibility of collection of fines from the vessel “ice stream” for violating the rules of entering the port and provide the most relevant information. There is also some discussion about advance check absolutely all coming from the Russian courts. Now such a measure in the Republic, applies only to courts of three countries – Italy, Iran and China. When entering the port of ships from these States on Board first raised by the representatives of the quarantine services and take the tests for coronavirus. While the test result is not received, the ship is completely isolated from contact, and lift the restrictions only if the tests have all crew members will be negative. In other countries there is a simplified mode, which, as pointed out by the Korean media and experts, and identified the vulnerability of the entire system.

it is possible that because of this incident with the vessel, the large number of cases COVID-19 in Russia and the ongoing significant growth in the number of infected in relation arriving from Russian citizens will be restrictions on all modes of transport, including air.

these days the South Korean authorities have imposed new measures against Pakistan and Bangladesh, among nationals on arrival in Korea was to identify a significant number of infected. Diplomatic institutions in South Korea to these countries temporarily suspended the issuance of visas for entry, cancelled flights, except for a few.

the Koreans said that because of the growth in the number of cases of import of foreigners COVID-19, they intend to tighten the rules for entry and for some other countries. After the situation with the vessel “ice stream” is a high probability that Russia gets to this restrictive list.