August 9, will open a photo exhibition on the 155th anniversary of the Izmailovsky experienced apiary, where the visitors will be told about its history from 1865 to the present day. Guests will learn how to change the main buildings and what scientists worked here.

for the First time the Tsar’s apiary began to work under Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich in the seventeenth century. And August 9, 1865, opened here Izmailovo an experimental apiary. There were exhibitions and working courses of beekeeping. In 1887 her staff organized the first traveling exhibition on beekeeping.

environmental education activity, continue experts Mospeada: the Ecocenter hosts children’s clubs, public lectures and free tours. They tell about the history of the founding of the “Imperial apiary” beekeeping and show how to construct a beehive.

To visit the exhibition requires an entry on the phone: +7 (499) 166-36-87.