SEOUL, APR 28 – RIA Novosti. Foreign Minister of South Korea Kang Kyung-Hwa at the meeting of Parliament on Tuesday reiterated that the DPRK has not yet seen any signs of unusual activity on the background of rumors about the illness of North Korean leader Kim Jong UN.

In turn, the Minister of national unification of South Korea Kim Yeon-Chul said that North Korean media continue to publish information notes on activities of Kim Jong UN.

“the North Korean press published a series of articles on the activities of the President, Kim Jong-UN after a visit to a meeting of the Politburo, demonstrating that he is engaged in public Affairs in a usual mode” – he added.

Earlier, after reports South Korean newspaper the Daily NK that Kim Jong UN is undergoing treatment after surgery, in the media and social networks began to spread rumors about the threat to the health of the leader of the DPRK. Daily NK and other media, such as the American channel CNN and the Japanese weekly “Shukan Gendai”, in their reports, referring to anonymous sources. Also in the media with reference to the publication in social networks began to spread rumors about the alleged death of the leader of DPRK.

adviser to the President of South Korea for unification, foreign relations and national security mun Jeong-In said on Monday that, according to Seoul, North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN is alive and well. The South Korean Ministry of national unification, which is the relevant body for inter-Korean contacts, also said that he sees no evidence of rumors about the health problems North Korean leader.

Monday, on behalf of Kim Jong-UN was sent two messages: a message of congratulations to President of South Africa Serile Ramaphosa and gratitude to the builders of the tourist complex “Wonsan Calma”.