In Russia you going like cattle

The propaganda of ethnic hatred and of ideas of superiority of the population over another, openly conducted in public venues in the Baltic States.

Following the withdrawal, the ex-Deputy of Riga city Council Ruslan Pankratov came down only to pick up mail. What was his surprise when he found a message. Written in Latvian, but Russian is addressed.

“Dear Russian neighbors! If You don’t like Latvian language, Latvian culture and Latvia, then You will own Russia!” – said in a leaflet.

The author is anonymous even said and what the Russian-speaking neighbors will be sent to their historic homeland, namely, in cattle cars.

“In Russia you going like cattle” – no more, no less.

It turned out, the anonymous letter received not only the ex-Deputy, but dozens of his neighbors in an apartment building. People are scared.

About the reasons of such notes can be guessed. Now, sitting at home in isolation, people, many of whom were left without work, watching TV, and from there favorite old song about the perpetrators of all the ills of Latvia. For some, such a call amid the idleness and lack of money – as the trigger.

The representative of the Jewish community of Jurmala Shimon Kutnowski Leak calls the lack of response to such incidents by the authorities and games with fire. When people in Latvia purposefully pit, suggesting one nation feeling superior to another – at some point one abandoned match would be enough to broke.

And fears not surprisingly, while in the country to make films similar to the film “the Latvian Legion. The revival of justice,” where magnifies collaborators of the Reich, fought on Hitler’s side.

“the tragedy of Latvia that nationalists here support the government. Yes there is, they have the power,” – says human rights activist and social activist Alexander Gaponenko.

And if supporters of the Reich in the Baltic States quickly mold the new heroes, the feat of the red Army are trying to erase from memory. The organizer of the action “Immortal regiment” in klaipėda charged under suspicion of espionage in favor of Russia, and it is up to 15 years of imprisonment.

“In Lithuania Russophobia is not on the agenda for almost 30 years. And Yes, it does not come from the shelves of Lithuanian stores that actively sell it”, – says the chief editor of “Sputnik Lithuania” Marat Qassem.

While the world is struggling with the disease in the Baltic countries continue to blame Russia and to pump up the negative and already agitated by the epidemic of the society.