Irkutsk oblast joined the list of Russian regions where celebrate father’s Day. At the Federal level, this holiday is not yet approved. Two years ago a bill was introduced in the state Duma, but he was never considered. In this document it was proposed to celebrate father’s Day on the last Saturday of October.

Meanwhile, the regions have started to establish a new holiday on their own. But the date is different from him. For example, in the Volgograd region since 2006, it is celebrated on the first of November. In the Altai region is celebrated on the last Sunday of April. In Yakutia for more than twenty years father’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of April. In the Irkutsk region it will be done annually on the third Sunday of October. The decree entered into force on the fifth of August. So this year Irkutsk dad will have his feast.

Yakutia, who was a pioneer in the establishment of father’s Day, again announced a new regional holiday – Day of the reindeer herder (the Decree of the President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) from 09.08.2020 No. 1368 entered into force on 13 August 2020). It will be celebrated annually on the first Saturday of March.

On his official page in Instagram the head of Aysen Nikolaev said: “We established this festival with the aim of preserving traditional lifestyles, economic activities, culture and crafts of reindeer breeders of Yakutia. This project will create conditions for the balanced development of the Northern home of reindeer herding by making the profession of reindeer herder”.

Also, the region has developed the program “a Young reindeer herder”. Thanks to her, young experts can count on a lump-sum payment in one million roubles for improvement of living conditions. This benefit is put herders – the people of Yakutia are not older than 35 years.

In Voronezh region adopted a law on state support of gardeners. According to the deputies, it will affect up to half a million residents of the region. The document will allow to take the balance of the settlement or region is the infrastructure that cannot serve suburban cooperatives.

Federal law establishes the procedure for gratuitous acquisition of state or municipal property the common property in the territory of gardening partnerships (SNT). We are talking about objects, heat, gas, electricity, water utilities and highways. Send them to the authorities can at the request of the citizens.

Among the priority directions of state support – assistance in land management and landscaping of the public areas in the CHT, the organization of the functioning of the market “summer” of agricultural products, provision of transport accessibility, fire and sanitary security.

In the Penza region combat veterans released from the transport tax. This additional benefits for and��of persons with disabilities of groups I and II. They are exempt from the tax on passenger cars with a capacity of up to one hundred horsepower. The more powerful engines used differentiated tax incentives from 5 percent to 45 percent.

– the average benefit amount per vehicle is about two thousand rubles. This corresponds to the amount of vehicle tax for cars up to one hundred horsepower, – said the acting Minister of economy of the Penza region Valery Mironov.

Privileges will be applied when calculating the tax for the current year, the payment deadline which is set for individuals to first of December 2021.

In the midst of a pandemic, residents of Penza was released from the payment of contributions to the Fund for major repairs for three months. The first bills will bring in August. However, repair work has not been canceled, they are proceeding on schedule.

But recently, the regional Fund of major repairs there was a shortage of funds due to reduced contributions and increased workload. Compared to last year it increased by 65 percent. But local MPs have decided not to change the minimum contribution rate for homeowners. He will remain at the same level as last year and will reach 7.7 ruble per square meter.

To reduce the deficit of the Fund of capital repairs has made changes in the law and increased from 90 to 95 percent of the established amount of funds that a regional operator shall be entitled annually to be spent on financing of the regional program of overhaul. Simply put, early ten percent of the raised money was in the piggy Bank, now it will empty up to five percent. Importantly, the roof overlap in time, and started the work was completed before cold weather.

Kuzbass added tax benefits to participants of the national project “Productivity and support employment.” The local Parliament adopted relevant amendments to the law “On investment tax deduction for the tax on profit of organizations”.

the Deduction allows companies to deduct the costs associated with the purchase or modernization of production. The amount of deduction shall not exceed half of expenses for these purposes.

a year ago, the deputies voted for the introduction of such incentives to companies related to a non-primary industries. Originally it came 24 types of economic activities, including crop and animal production, hunting manufacture of plastics, synthetic resins and rubber, electrical equipment, medicines, food and clothing.

Now until 31 December 2024, net of will be able to use the company’s 52 activities (in particular, engaged in the production of food products and beverages, furniture, collection of non-hazardous waste, transportation) that implement lean technologyAuggie’s and implementing investment projects.

According to the Chairman of the Committee on budget and tax policy and Finance of the regional legislative Assembly of region Sergey Vashchenko, the updated law is intended to stimulate the growth of non-oil sector of the economy and investment attractiveness of the region. And in the future the creation of new jobs, higher wages, labour productivity, capital investment, and revenue from sales of goods and services to compensate for falling budget revenues.

According to the regional Ministry of labour and employment, the project already involves 23 of the Kuzbass company, and by 2024, they must join at least 89.

“the first of the pilot sites shows that they greatly increase output without additional investment, – said the Deputy Governor of Kuzbass for economic development, Konstantin Wenger. – But only through the introduction of lean technologies and optimization of production processes. While the costs are reduced and profits rise. The investment deduction will be an additional incentive”.