SAI began to issue a new type of law. The only thing that changed: the name of the document “driving licence” translated into French and English. It has added the inscription “PERMIS DE CONDUIRE” and “DRIVING LICENCE”. It is reported citing motorists who appealed to the traffic police Department to replace the document in July.

earlier, on 7 July on the portal of projects of normative acts it was posted a draft order of the Ministry of interior, which claimed the new sample of the driving license. But it is not signed.

As explained in the state traffic Inspectorate, a new sample of the driving license long ago approved by the appropriate Commission and issued. Just the order it was decided to consolidate this document. According to the office, he will allow without problems to our motorists to travel across countries, the Vienna Convention on road traffic, even without getting the so-called international driver’s license.

Also, the draft order prescribes the procedure for registration of the passport instead of the lost, in the case of automobiles, which previously was not on the account. Indeed, a person can lose PTS for a new car before registering it in the traffic police. However, until now the procedure for such a situation were not spelled out. It is expected that the order will take effect from 20 August.