In Russia, sharply increased sales of seeds and products for truckers

In March, retail dramatically increased sales of seeds and products for truckers. Especially in online stores. Wildberries talking about doubling. Ozon in March sold 20-30% more, than last year. The most popular were traditional vegetables – cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkin and carrots, and dill, parsley and green onions, said in Ozon. There has been an increase in co – products- garden equipment and tools. With 25% of buyers did this ordering for the first time – after closing offline shops the demand has shifted to the Network. So, it was closed shop “Leroy Merlin”. As specified in the company now to buy goods for the garden online (including country gardens, including flowers, seedlings and seeds), free delivery is available throughout Russia. In the “Auchan” they say that in comparison with last year the demand for seeds is approximately at the same level. But if you compare the first and second half of March 2020, in the second half of the demand jumped 36%.

Photo: Konstantin Michalczewski/RIA Novosti Expert: grain Shortage in the Russian market there are no

gardening and horticulture this season definitely increased interest, the Chairman of the Russian public organization “Gardeners of Russia” Andrey Tumanov. “It’s more a psychological thing – in a period of economic turmoil the person is calmer when he has a supply of food,” – said the expert.

this season experienced gardeners had to buy seeds to the weakening of the rouble and the closure of stores in connection with the pandemic coronavirus, indicates Andrey Tumanov. Now, perhaps, it is not possible to buy seedlings. They need to acquire in nurseries, and they are closed. But here, big trouble no, we’ll just have to wait the end of the quarantine. According to the expert, problemswe could meet up later. About 90% of the seeds on the Russian market is imported.

Even those seeds that say, for example, “Ural early” can actually be seeds from India. And we have just put up. The weakening of the ruble will lead either to higher prices or lower quality products – the packers can just add “dust” in the product.

Any economic disasters that globally affect the well-being of people, turn them towards the village and farmland, said Director of the Center for agrofood policy, Ranepa Natalya shagaida. The Russians were very lucky that the vast majority already have plots or relatives living in the countryside. She recalled that in the 90-ies, when the economy was a very difficult situation, was officially recorded the growth of the rural population. However, with the improvement of the situation the Russians again reached out to the city.

Photo: Alexander Kryazhev/RIA Novosti Export of buckwheat, rice and flour are forbidden until 30 June

“it is Always useful to return to the home gardens not so much from the point of view of food security how much, in terms of quality of life,” believes the expert.

the Development of agriculture is moving towards consolidation of production, reduce the cost and simplify products to the products were light, beautiful, was long preserved. Changing the species diversity of products presented in the shops – they are presented with the same varieties of vegetables.

unfortunately, the consolidation of production leads to a decline in the share of products of private farms and private farms. So, according to Natalia Shagaida, now in the Belgorod region have less than 100 pigs, but before it was more than 100 thousand heads. However, in its opinion, namelyon small farms has always been a buffer in some extreme situations that have softened the blow for rural residents, and for citizens.

Grown garden vegetables are more expensive. But they have flavor, they are juicy and fragrant

“Yes, grown garden vegetables are more expensive. But they have flavor, they are juicy and fragrant,” says shagaida. And terms of use for the body of work on the site much more useful and effective kinds of workout in health clubs, she said.