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Increased demand for garlic in the country is associated with an overall idea of its antiviral properties. Russia supplied the garlic in the Ukraine. Experts suggest that this limitation will not significantly influence cost containment and the provision of market food
The Prosecutor General's office has sent to the FAS order to deal with the inflated prices of lemons, ginger and garlic. After that, if necessary, will be taken prosecutorial response, up to attraction guilty to responsibility for violation of Antimonopoly legislation
The mark-up on medical mask and gloves in retail should not exceed 10 cents per unit. The corresponding document was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
The online delivery of products and goods at home is becoming more popular among Russians, many of whom are increasingly refuse from the usual shopping. Fast, convenient and most importantly - no need to carry heavy shopping bags
In March, on the background of the pandemic in retail dramatically increased sales of seeds and products for truckers. The most popular are traditional vegetables. Buy seeds now possible only in some grocery stores or online
Vyacheslav Volodin has offered to provide grant support to small and medium businesses, engaged in manufacture of masks and disinfectants. A solution must be found to address their deficit, said the Chairman of the state Duma
"RG" publishes a law allowing the government to regulate prices for medical devices and drugs, not limited to the list of vital and essential. The Cabinet received the right to limit prices in the case of an epidemic, disaster or unwarranted price increases
Russia has proposed to establish a special regime for the sale of alcohol in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, namely, to limit one bottle a one-time purchase of alcohol stronger 9%. To impose the proposed limitation on the period up to may 1 of this year
Medical masks are produced around the clock, and in the first half of April, the volume will be 5 million units per day. This was announced by the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov at a meeting with Vladimir Putin
During the week from 16 to 20 March the average price of wheat in the domestic market grew by 1 thousand rubles per ton. This is a new historical maximum. Now the price of Russian wheat exceeds the price of Russian oil
Experts - analysts of the markets of meat, milk, fish, vegetables and grains - has told, how will change the prices in the near future. And what is the factor influence the situation of the pandemic coronavirus
Existing stocks of foodstuffs in the Russian warehouses, distribution centers and stores enough to meet the demand of customers, in any volume, assure the Russian trading network
"RG" verified that in the regions lying on the shelves in food stores. And whether there is a deficiency. It turned out that the peak of the panic demand for coronavirus subsides. And trade is taking measures to not happen again
Vladimir Putin has urged people in the background of the situation of coronavirus is not to waste money on products, which then have to be thrown away. The situation with the supply in Russian shops are reliable
The demand for food delivery from 9 March to 15 March rose by 3-4 times against the background of the coronavirus. For some product groups, demand has increased to 80%, experts say. Retailers have been advised to work with suppliers to ensure uninterrupted supply
Valentina Matviyenko urged the media to create a healthy content and leave the advertising of harmful products. She also stressed that Prime-time television "in fact, no social advertising"
Laws that take effect in March of this year, will help to buy unique medicine quality shoes, will protect the Bank account and the airports from attacks. But will also complicate the inspection of old cars

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