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The Russian government has limited the procurement of imported cucumbers and tomatoes. This measure will help domestic producers to avoid losses due to extended isolation and the weakening of the ruble
The prices of their products Kuban farmers do not increase. And the sowing will continue. One thing they care about is the flow of cars to the sea. Had to create a mobile brigade. They ensure that villagers comply with the regime of self-isolation
In March, on the background of the pandemic in retail dramatically increased sales of seeds and products for truckers. The most popular are traditional vegetables. Buy seeds now possible only in some grocery stores or online
The Eurasian economic Commission imposed a ban on the export from the countries of the EAEU of certain food products. In the Russian Ministry of agriculture stressed that in the present shortage of these products is not observed
Vladimir Putin noted the importance of agriculture in the context of pandemic coronavirus worked virtually continuously. When there's bread then there's the inner confidence, the President said
The Ministry of agriculture will put up for sale stocks of grain from the intervention Fund. This measure will allow to stabilize the price of Russian food wheat, which last week reached a historic high
Russia imposes temporary quotas on the export of basic grains. Thus, the Ministry of agriculture expects to maintain the stability in the food market, as prices for Russian wheat has reached a historic high
The Ministry of agriculture proposes to reduce the cost of electricity for farmers and agricultural cooperatives to the tariffs and sent it to the energy Ministry its proposals on this score
The agricultural centre started to inform the farmers in the southern regions of early activation of locusts. Perfect abnormally warm winter became and other pests, said the Agency
Production of greenhouse vegetables in Russia increased by a third since the beginning of 2020. The increase in production will reduce the dependence on imports in this segment, in terms of the weak ruble is especially critical
During the week from 16 to 20 March the average price of wheat in the domestic market grew by 1 thousand rubles per ton. This is a new historical maximum. Now the price of Russian wheat exceeds the price of Russian oil
Astrakhan scientists have created a mobile mini-farm for growing fish and vegetables in the apartment. The installation has no analogues in Russia. And you can use it to breed even sturgeon
Russia is now 176 thousand farms. And for each of these thousands of farmers there is a strict prohibition: it is impossible to build a house on their land. The background of the issue was visited by the correspondent "RG"
Amid record warm winter, which can result in a poor harvest, the agriculture Ministry actively revives the system of agricultural insurance. For 2020, the Agency laid for this purpose on 700 million roubles more than last year

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