the Project is implemented within the framework of the state contract with the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation and “research and development of Technology – transport”. Everything is developed from scratch. Already defined the geometrical parameters of the elements of the aerodynamic layout – wing, fuselage and tail. Performed preliminary calculations of performance, confirming the correctness of the chosen parameters. The next stage of work – computational study of the aerodynamic characteristics, including the development of a profiling of the wing and landing mechanization, will also be investigated variants of constructive-power circuits of the new aircraft. They will allow you to find the best solutions for the weight of the structure and the materials used.

As experts say, the transition to unmanned aircraft will implement disposal solutions that reduce the structural weight, improved aerodynamic performance and reduced direct operating costs. Including eliminating the cost of airline wages flight crew.

Light speed transport aircraft is designed for transportation of wide range of cargoes weighing up to 6 tons at a distance of 4000 km. In range and range rate, it will exceed the existing models of aircraft of similar capacity. According to TSAGI, the automatic control will apply in the plane of solutions that provide enhanced performance. In particular, the rejection of the cockpit will reduce the weight of the machine, will improve the aerodynamics and provide loading of containers and pallets through nose cargo door, which cannot be found in this category of transport aircraft.

the Aircraft has a high flight speed of 830-850 km/h, corresponding to modern long-haul aircraft such as the SSJ-100, MS-21. This allows you to fly in the same altitude range and 10-13 km for enough runway length of 1300 m, which opens up the aircraft for most airports in Russia.

the counterparts of the project TSAGI are cargo versions of passenger aircraft ATR42 (France-Italy), Dash 8 (Canada) and others, and also military-transport planes An-26, Il-112V.