thus, according to the operator, the minimum value of the index B2C recorded in late March at minus 0,45 (see chart). This, according to analysts “the First CRF” coincides with the time of the imposition of the Federal restrictions because of the spread of coronavirus. As noted in the press statement, almost immediately after the peak of the fall has begun a gradual recovery of business activity and consumer purchasing power, says that, on the one hand, a sufficiently high degree of adaptability in this segment in Russia as a whole, and the effectiveness of the measures promptly taken by the government for economic recovery. By early July, the index stood at minus 0.08, which is just 0.04 points lower than before the start of the pandemic.

the Index of business activity published “the First CRF” is calculated based on total current number of receipts in all branches of B2S. Analyzed about 50 sectors most sensitive to the decline in consumer activity, such as retail, gas stations, pharmacies, beauty salons, cafes, restaurants, tourist area, shops of clothes and shoes and so on. The index is calculated on the basis of fiscal data, which according to a certain format forms of cash and equipment.

As explained in the “First CRF” the idea of the formation of the overall index came on the basis of data that the operator publishes on different branches B2C in the period of the pandemic. “The index is based on fiscal data and are calculated as the difference between the current number of checks with an average value over the last year. This tool helps to assess the state of business and consumer activity in real time,” – said the press service of the operator.