On Thursday the government reviewed the results of Federal budget implementation in 2019. Its revenues amounted to more than 20 trillion rubles, expenses – more than 18 trillion. “Income budget was exceeded by about 220 billion rubles,” – said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers. Non-oil revenues in the budget last year amounted to more than 60 percent. In 2018 this figure was at 53 percent. Surplus of two trillion rubles helped to fill the national welfare Fund, which is now used to offset a shortfall in oil and gas revenues. On may 1, subject to the funds allocated to the Fund last year, it amounted to 12.4 trillion roubles, or almost 11 percent of GDP, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

“Quality professional work has allowed us to have the resources and supplies for the measures that today we adopt, including on behalf of the President: the packages of economic measures to help business, help people”, – concluded Mishustin.

Talking about the quality, it is necessary to allocate the contribution to the stability of the budget system of the Federal tax service. The Prime Minister headed it for ten previous years. Under the leadership mishustina, the Agency systematically worked to create a clear system of tax administration, the effectiveness of which speak at least some indicators. For example, over the past five years, with economic growth of 3.2 percent, tax revenues in real terms, excluding inflation, increased by nearly 1.5 times. Last year, according to the Ministry of Finance, FNS has provided in the Federal budget 62.6% of his income – from 12,6 20,1 trillion rubles completing the set before her a plan to 100.5 per cent.

On the basis of this financial the government was able to implement the planned program. Overall, it was to fulfill the indicators for the national projects, the head of the Ministry of Finance. In the social sector created nearly 500 health posts and outpatient clinics, about 50 thousand people resettled from dilapidated and emergency housing, purchased more than 16 thousand units of special forest fire and forestry machinery, 17 thousand of socially significant objects connected to the Internet, he brought a number of results. “This year, the national projects should be implemented in the best conditions, – the Minister said. – Let me remind you that we have raised the limits on national projects at the end of last year by 95 percent. By last year this figure was only 25 percent. So we have every reason to fulfill indicators on national projects that were planned for the current year”.

the Ministry of Finance drew attention of his counterparts to unexpended 1.1 trillion rubles. For��glacial seven years of budgetary surpluses has increased by 10 times. Siluanov recalled the Prime Minister’s instructions this year to make expenditures at 100 percent, and explained another reason why the funds transfer is invalid. “Beneath the remains we carry out borrowing. If we hadn’t borrowed, you could save significant money expenditure, debt service, he said. – About 75 billion we could have spent on other purposes. Now this money should be spent on the payment of interest on loans”. Separately, he appealed to the Ministry of communications, Ministry of transportation, Ministry of education, the Federal Tourism Agency and Federal Agency for youth Affairs, which on may 18 indicators for the disbursement of funds is lower than the average performance.

during the meeting, the government considered the issues relating to the allocation of new funds to support the economy and population in the spread of the coronavirus. On behalf of the President Ministry of trade and industry provided 25 billion rubles for the automotive industry. Of these, 5 billion rubles is planned to be used for the purchase of cars “first aid”. “In addition, the funds will be used for concessional loans and leases, as well as to ensure proactive procurement of domestic vehicles for the needs of companies, corporations with state participation”, – said Mikhail Mishustin.

the Cabinet also considered the draft order on despretely between the regions of the remaining 22 billion rubles from the funds allocated in April for incentive payments to medical personnel and other workers directly providing care to patients with coronavirus infection. Reason for delay in this work is no more, he warned. All the necessary adjustments and clarification on the presidential payments to the regions are transferred. “The main requirement is that all assessments should as soon as possible to reach concrete people”, – said the head of the Cabinet.

“To presidential accrual of payments do not need to calculate the working time of physicians: payment is made when working with patients suffering from a coronavirus, said Mishustin. – Money for April must be paid in full, and in some regions began payments in may”. The Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of health and the Federal Treasury to keep the situation under strict control to all health care providers, drivers ambulance got to put their money, and together with the Ministry of communications – check and promptly fulfill all requests that come in on this topic on the portal of public services, and to report daily.