to Buy a melon, according to the Department, preferably in supermarket, store or on the official market because there product is stored in the right conditions. Outlets next to roads, the CPS advises to ignore, as the fruit can absorb all toxic substances and harmful heavy metals. A good melon should be intact, free of blemishes, nicks and cracks.

– you should Not take the cut melons and let the seller to cut them for you, because the melon pulp becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria in it, – the Ministry informs.

the Aroma of ripe melons felt immediately, if you take it in hand. If the fruit feels like a solid watermelon, then it is not ripe. But if the skins after pressing remains a trace from the fingers, the melon is overripe or too long kept. For “farmers” is characterized by smooth skin, and for “torpedo” – rough, with furrows.

the Melon is rich in vitamins, but it is possible not all. Better to abandon it to people with diabetes mellitus, exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease, pregnant and lactating mothers.