Former Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said that Russia poses a “deadly threat”to Europe. In an interview with wPolityce, he criticized his Western colleagues for paying little attention to security issues.

The diplomat said that European politicians are thinking about the climate, new energy sources and the green revolution, while the real danger, in his opinion, is not smog, but Russian Iskander missiles, which “may fall on some of our cities.”

“It is they who can bring us death, and not some mythical smog, which allegedly became the main threat for us,” Waszczykowski stressed.

He also expressed concerns about the Russian military exercises “West-2021”, according to him, they are working out a scenario for repelling an attack by Poland, which provides for a nuclear strike on Warsaw. The former foreign minister said that these are not defensive exercises, they are of an aggressive nature.

The diplomat pointed to the activities of certain “agents of Moscow” on the territory of the European Union, who “are trying to remove the Russian topic from the agenda.” He concluded that Europe needs to maintain contacts with the United States, since Russia will test the strength of relations between Western countries.

Earlier, Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid explained the reasons for Russia’s danger to its neighbors by the fact that it has lost its status as a great power. Brussels and NATO no longer consider Russia a serious threat and call on the countries of Eastern Europe and the Baltic States to solve problems with it independently. It is this, and not the Kremlin’s desire to “restore the empire”, that threatens their sovereignty.