the Exhibition “Salvador Dali. Sacred message” gathered the best graphic works of the great artist of the XX century from the Biblia Sacra. None of the Russian Museum can boast that he owns this series of illustrations to the old and New Testament in full. The exhibition, presented in Levitanovskoy cultural center, was brought from a private Italian collection, said the press service of the Museum.

the Bible for two thousand years, remains the Book of Books for world art, and European art, in particular. Many artists throughout the centuries have turned to the Bible, reinterpreting, transforming and finding the answer to the major questions of his generation. Timeless themes even in a cynical and technologically advanced 21st century, excite and inspire. It is not surprising that Salvador Dali is also not left behind. Moreover, he decided to pass on Bible stories in the language of surrealism. This is risky in every sense of the enterprise largely broke existed in the visual arts tradition.

the Starting point was 1963, when Giuseppe Albaretto (Dr. Giuseppe Albaretto) invited Salvador Dali to illustrate a new edition of the Bible (Biblia Sacra). The artist immersed himself in work – he carefully studied the texts of Scripture, exploring the storyline, opening hidden meanings and reinterpreting the truth of the words of the great Books.

Biblical themes for the project Dali chose. And in 1963 194 years there have been 105 works executed in mixed media, combining watercolour, gouache, ink, pastel, pencil. In the next three years, they were transferred to lithography. So there is the biggest graphic design in the art of Dali.

About 60 works from the famous series can be seen in PLICSCOM the Museum-reserve since July 2.